Angry Birds Reflector


Keep the kids safe this winter with these super cool keyring reflectors that you can attach to their bags or coats.
Choose from the 4 Angry birds designs
Angry birds red
Angry Birds Red Circle

Angry birds yellow triangle
Angry Birds Yellow Triangle

Angry Birds Green Circle eyes closed
Angry Birds Green Circle (eyes closed)

Amgry Birds Green Circle eyes open
Angry Birds Green Circle (eyes open)

The safety blurb from the manufacturers:
Developed in Finland in the early 1960’s, where they are widely used from a young age, pedestrian reflectors have impressive performance. In fact they are far more reflective and safer compared to simply wearing white clothing! Pedestrian fatalities are noticeably lower in the many European countries which have adopted reflectors as their number one defence against pedestrian injuries.
The precise angles of the internal prismatic surfaces reflect back a vehicle’s headlights at precisely the same angle as struck, and with the same lumen strength, This is the secret to the high performance of our reflectors. The exceptional quality of manufacture is the key to why they are the very best reflector currently available.

Within the European Union, safety reflectors for pedestrians must be certified to comply with the CE EN 13356 safety standard, We only offer CE certified reflectors. Please be aware there are other companies offering inferior products from various parts of the world. Products that either, are not tested or claim to pass, but do not.

What is EN 13356?
It’s the CE standard for High Visibility Accessories for Non Professional Use.

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